• Magy Cruz

    About Magy: Details coming soon! Contact Magy Email: happydoula4u [at] yahoo [dot] com Phone: 910.264.2012

  • Natalie Page

    About Natalie: “My heart and passion is to serve and hold space for mothers, especially in the early stages of postpartum when the road seems to be rockiest. As your postpartum doula, my role is to create an environment that…

  • Taylor Lo Grasso

    About Taylor: Preserving the right to birth your way with a focus on relaxation and intuition. Presenting evidence-based information on options, empowering families to make informed choices suited to their unique situation. Serving as a witness to the family’s transformation. Providing vital…

  • Christy Smith

    About Christy: Details coming soon! Contact Christy Coming soon