Magy Cruz

About Magy: “Hi there, I’m Magy Cruz. I’m a mama of three, have two beautiful dachshunds, and I live in Wilmington, NC.

After having my second child and facing the challenges of being a mom of two with a colic infant plus not having any support, it gave me a sense of sympathy for other mamas out there. I remember thinking, ‘Is this what it feels like to struggle, and no one knows how to help?’ Our own pediatrician didn’t even have solutions for my baby’s constant colicky cries.

Nine months later after the cloud of depression lifted, which I didn’t even know I was in, I began my journey through education and began reaching out to experts about postpartum depression. My journey led me to my passion and my campaign to help families not experience what I went through, guiding families through fact-based educated decisions and encouraging each accomplishment. Every family deserves to feel empowered and have the right support.

I am proud to say I have been supporting families for over 20 years, and I’m still excited and passionate about supporting families with infants. With my Early Childhood Education Degree, postpartum doula experience, and as a certified breastfeeding coach, I am continuing to support families through their post-birth experience, breastfeeding journey, and help provide families with tools to support the other children in their homes.

Ask me how I can support you through your family’s journey!”

Contact Magy
Email: happydoula4u [at] yahoo [dot] com
Phone: 910.264.2012