Rebecca Skillman

About Rebecca: “Between July 2014 & April 2021, 6 years 9 months, I gave birth six times. All my vastly different experiences in that short amount of time — induction, stillbirth, homebirth — all grew my passion for birthwork, knowing I would forever be involved. I love to educate and encourage mothers to be prepared and feel empowered to embrace their birth. I respect the autonomy and intuition of the mother and father. I love witnessing all the never-ending “Aha!” moments, as birth is a mysteriously miraculous event. Being a Christian, I hope that by supporting birth, mother and baby bonds — husband and wife bonds — are strengthened, reaching beyond the birth to resound a template for life. Having all the birth gadgets is fun, but seeing a mother reach down and find her inner self is what it’s all about. A deeper respect for birth means a deeper value of life and understanding the sacrifice that families make. I am honored when I am asked to come along on a birth journey and hope that I always give my best!”

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Email: bpsdoula [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone: 910.284.1954
Web: Bearing Precious Seed