Redessa Archie

About Redessa: “I started my journey to becoming a doula after loosing my best friend, the person who loved me before I was, my mommy. A month after my mother’s transition, I witnessed the birth of my first grandchild. Standing at the side of the midwife in the delivery room as my granddaughter entered the world and took her first breath, I was inspired to become a doula. The unforgettable joy and excitement from that day forward peaked my interest in providing care for expecting mothers. I set out to enhance the lives of birthing mothers with positive informed decisions about their care and for them to have a great optimal health experience that is pleasant and memorable.

Setting the bar to achieve a successful birth experience, I will provide encouragement, advice, comfort, and support and help you stay calm during labor. I am here to serve in the capacity a mom sees as a success in the birthing of her baby. To have an amazing birth story that can be remembered. I will offer various techniques that will ease birthing pains to make sure you’re nourished and hydrated.

I’ve studied Psychology, trained with DONA International (birth doula), trained postpartum doula, Lamaze International and Peer Counseling (Breastfeeding). Everyone’s journey is uniquely individualized. I would like for you to feel respected, supported and confident in your birth choices. Paying homage to my grandchildren who calls me “Honey,” I have decided to title my business “Cradle With Honey.” ”

Contact Redessa
Phone: 973.479.5422